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Cosmetic Surgery

Face Lift

Cosmetic Surgery

Lift, define, and rejuvenate

Alleviate hair loss with this non-surgical procedure that utilizes the regenerative benefits of platelets, which is a vital compound found in the blood, produced naturally in the body. Both men and women can stimulate hair follicles by acting directly on the stem cells.

What is it

A face lift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that improves signs of aging in the face and neck giving you a more youthful and refreshed yet natural appearance.

the procedure

Prior to surgery you will meet your surgeon for a consultation to review your medical history, complete a physical exam that includes bloodwork, have photographs taken and discuss the outcome you wish to achieve through surgery.

Usually performed under general anesthesia, your surgeon will operate incisions located behind the hairline (starting near the temples, and around the front of the ear, and hidden in the natural folds) into the deeper tissues beneath the skin to remove excess skin, smooth creases, eliminate sagging skin to contour of the face and neck.



Your incisions will be covered with bandages to minimize swelling and bruising. After the procedure you may experience mild to moderate pain, drainage, swelling, and bruising. Several follow-up appointments will be scheduled during the next two-months after surgery to assure the best recovery; recommendations for post-surgery care and medications will be made to ensure maximum comfort for easy recovery.


A facelift is the best solution to erase signs of aging and achieve a youthful and refreshed appearance while preserving your natural beauty. You will be able to return to social life after two-weeks and with noticeable results after two-to-three months. A facelift is not a permanent procedure as it doesn’t stop the natural aging process, but results can last up to 10-years depending on your metabolism, lifestyle, and diet.



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