Fat Autologous Graft

Natural Enhancement

Autologous Body Graft

Natural Enhancement

Shape, volumize, and enhance.

Restore volume and balance to your body with a surgical fat transfer procedure.

What is it

Autologous fat transfer, also called fat graft and lipomodelling, is a surgical procedure that transfers a patient’s own fat to almost any body area to enhance or restore volume. Fat grafting has many reconstructive applications for the breast and face, as well as the plethora of aesthetic applications in breast augmentation, buttocks (BBL), and body contouring.

How it works/technology

Fat grafting can be done under local anesthesia or in the operating room, depending on the area and the extent of fat grafting required. Fat cells are removed by. A gentle liposuction with a cannula from other parts of the body, usually thighs, belly and buttocks. The harvested fat cells are then separated from any blood and other fluids with a centrifuge spin. Then with a very small needle the fat is re-injected into the desired area to re-shape and add volume and fullness.

  • No Implant
  • No Foreign Objects or Materials Used
  • Slimming Benefits Through Liposuction
  • Natural Enhancement Appearance
  • Improve Size, Shape, Symmetry of Treated Area

The finished result is a body that looks and feels natural, toned and soft. Depending on how much fat was removed from the donor areas, your skin may adjust to your new contours in just one to three months up to six months.



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