Rejuvenating your skin is not just an act of aesthetic medicine: it is restoring your skin's youthful qualities, which make it effective in its main protective or regulatory functions. There are now simple, painless solutions to rejuvenate the skin without surgery, whether on the face or the rest of the body.
To restore the youthful beauty of your skin, with a smooth, functional and radiant epidermis, this medical facelift is sometimes an ideal alternative to a surgical facelift.


A rejuvenated skin means a better contoured skin.


The youthfulness of a skin means fullness and contours, which makes it both more sensual and more functional at the same time.
Because well-rounded skin is also well-moisturized skin.

Why rehydrate your skin?

The contoured appearance of the skin is linked to the presence in its dermis of hyaluronic acid (HA), a molecule capable of absorbing water like a sponge. The larger and better the HA, the more pronounced the volumizing effect.
There is therefore a double effect:

  • Trophic action, because water is essential to cell metabolism; poorly hydrated skin therefore ages more quickly.
  • Aesthetic action, because the disappearance of hyaluronic acid deepens volumes (temples, dark circles, forehead...), sags the epidermis above (static wrinkles) and makes the skin thinner and makes it appear transparent (bone protrusions or visible veins).

How to rehydrate your skin?

Rehydrating the skin means introducing water and therefore hyaluronic acid into the dermis: it is not the same as applying a nourishing treatment for the epidermis.

Replenishing missing hyaluronic acid

Your aesthetic doctor can restore lost volumes with a filling product such as hyaluronic acid injection:

Activate the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Your skin specialist can choose another strategy by taking advantage of the natural abilities of your skin for a rejuvenation using stem cells.
This dermal remodeling can be done by resorbable tensor threads, medical waves carrying energy, tissue inducers, phototherapy...


A rejuvenated skin is a more toned skin.


When the skin loses its tone, it slackens and forms folds, or its volumes sag.

Why tone the skin in order to rejuvenate?

When collagen fibers decrease, the skin becomes loose and sags under the effect of gravity. The oval of the face becomes an inverted V-shape: the contours become heavier with a tired, drooping look.

How can you tone the skin?

For a facelift without surgery, your esthetic doctor will put the tissues back under tension, through different possibilities: he can reshape the dermis by heat (focused ultrasound, RF, plasma energy...), combine a mechanical action (notched tensor wires), lift by adding volume (AH injection)...


Rejuvenated skin means more radiant skin.


UV rays have a deleterious effect on young skin and accelerate its aging.

Why make your skin more radiant?

Age spots linked to melanin deposits absorb light and therefore cause the skin to lose its radiance or luminosity, giving a dull, blurred complexion.
These lentigos develop on the face as well as on the hands, cleavage or neck.

How can you make your skin more luminous?

Skin photorejuvenation is a set of medical techniques to restore radiant skin by removing pigments that form with age.

The Clinique des Champs Elysées has different devices, the doctor will choose the most suitable for your case :

  • He may decide to conceal the pigment of a transparent skin, by recreating volume (hyaluronic acid for pigmented dark circles) ;
  • He can decide to eliminate pigment-carrying cells with medium peels;
  • He can decide to directly destroy melanin with high energy waves such as a pigment laser, the pigment residues are then cleansed by the macrophages, resulting in luminous and radiant skin, the essential secret of beautiful, young skin.