With age, our silhouette is often weighed down by the development of fatty bulges, along with weight gain. Losing them to slim down your body is never easy, even with exercise or diet.
To lose weight without surgery or liposuction, aesthetic medicine offers two effective approaches, by destroying fat deposits permanently with cold (cryolipolysis) or with heat (thermolysis).


The causes of fat deposits: a strategic supply!


Through evolution, the human species has been able to protect itself from the risks of undernourishment by developing efficient storage methods. These preventive solutions still exist nowadays, even in those who have no difficulty in finding food.
Faced with an excess of calories, the human body prefers to conserve them rather than waste them, by creating two types of storage :

  • Reserves that can be mobilized quickly, in the form of carbohydrates (glycogen).
  • Reserves that are more difficult to release, in the form of lipids (fat). They should only be used in case of absolute necessity, hence the difficulties to slim down and lose weight. Our fat would thus store an average of 100,000 kcal, which corresponds to an effort of 8 days of running without eating!

To eliminate this fat, it is necessary to generate a significant and prolonged energy deficit, either by making sustained efforts, or by creating a sustained decrease in intake (nutritional diet where the calorie intake is significantly lower than needed).
Lipid stocks are stored in the form of fat vacuoles, within this specialized storage cell, the adipocytes. Their number is fixed from the age of 15 / 20 years, because they are unable to multiply: any adipocyte is therefore permanently and irreversibly destroyed.
But this hyperspecialization also makes them fragile cells with few elements to repair themselves in case of injury.
So much so that in the event of lesions of their membrane, they trigger a mechanism of irreversible cell destruction, apoptosis.


The principle: how to lose weight easily by burning fat?


The first strategy to lose weight is to burn calories from fat, to reduce the size of your adipocytes and therefore your fat tissue. Three natural approaches are possible:

  • Reduce the daily caloric intake of energy, to find itself below the required needs: this is the principle of a diet to lose weight.
  • Increase caloric needs and basal metabolism, for example by increasing the muscles that consume energy even at rest (EMSculpt ® technology).
  • Produce an increased muscular effort, because it is energy-consuming (sports exercise). The latter only works if we manage to mobilize the energy of lipids (fat melting or lipolysis) and not that of the reserve glycogen (glycogenolysis). This requires prolonged physical effort, at least 30 minutes, ideally even 2h30. To move from 30 minutes of walking to 3 hours thus increases the energy rate released by the lipids from 50 to 80%: it will thus be more effective to do 1h30 of sport than 3 times 30 minutes.

The second strategy for slimming is to destroy excess fat tissue.


Aesthetic medicine solutions: how to lose weight quickly?


If the first approach to slimming is to burn fat, the second approach proposed in aesthetic medicine will be to destroy it. It will thus rely on their vulnerability, by damaging the cell membrane and on the fact that any destruction is irreversible.
However, the visible effect will be delayed for about 2 months, because the destroyed cell must be phagocytized and cleaned by macrophages.

These released fatty acids do not pass through the bloodstream but through the lymphatic system, which does not change the blood levels of triglycerides or cholesterol.

Destruction of fat bulges by cold: cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis uses intense and prolonged cold to destroy 25 to 30% of localized fat deposits in a single session, for example to regain a flat stomach without effort.
The most powerful device to slim without effort is Coolsculpting ®, the first cryolipolysis device in the world validated by the U.S. FDA.

Destruction of fat bulges by heat: thermolysis

The heat carried by high energy waves (RF, ultrasound, photons...) will destroy the adipocyte membrane.
Different devices allow to target the chosen thickness, to have an action on the dermis, or on the SMAS which envelops the skin muscles.

Your aesthetic doctor at the Clinique des Champs Elysées has a wide range of techniques to combine slimming, body contouring or anti-aging care, with a personalized protocol: